E-waste recycling services India

There is no doubt that we like other developing countries are at an advantage with the massive development as well as up gradation of technologies, but there are other underlying hazards associated with the development. The massive production also leads to massive pile up of e-wastes in landfills. Improper disposal of which would result in lethal repercussions.

As per the new government’s rule, it has been extended as the producer’s responsibility to erase those e-wastes before they affect human and nearby environment. We at Virogreen provide our best e-waste recycling services in India and ensures a proper collection of these hazardous materials and disposing of them as per the setup rule by Government. Our services lie with our commitment to offering our utmost quality service to our clients.

Our core services

Among the top e-recycling companies in India, we provide WEEE services that cover all electrical recycling, electronic recycling, logistics and data management services.

Advantages you will receive:

All India Coverage

we started as Chennai-based recyclers. With our hard work and quality services now are extending our operations in various parts of India.

Extraction of precious metals

with our skilled and cutting edge technology we ensure a successful extraction of all precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc.

Segregation of products

our skilled labors will help you to separate the end of life products from products that have capability for reuse.

Proper recycling of plastics

Plastics are nonrenewable and need to be recycled only. We at virogreen turn your old plastics into something useful. Thus, restoring greenery in the environment.

Ensures data security

we safely destroy your hard disks and other data drives following proper industrial standard and making it impossible for recovering of your precious information by illegal authority.

Quick completion of work

we have a huge area of operation under one roof. That helps in eliminating various lengthy procedure and also in completion of the task within or even before the specified limit.

Benefits from our services

  • Prompt and complete services on our behalf
  • We handle one client at a time rather than involving in many tasks at once.
  • A systematic way of operation.
  • Maintain customer loyalty and an active long term relationship

For more detailed information you can visit our official website or call our customer care service number. We will be more than happy to assist you.